Constitution & Mission Statement


  • The relief of sickness both physical and mental, incorporating traditional and holistic or complementary methods, and to make preventative and regenerative medical treatments available for all.
  • To undertake research into the integration of Allopathic (Traditional) and Naturopathic (Holistic or Complementary) medical methodologies, and to develop educational programmes and related activities for the benefit of the public at large.
  • In furtherance of the above, to establish hospitals, clinics, centres and other medical institutions that will further these objectives.   


Mission Statement

  1. To teach Bioregulatory Medicine and to promote the importance of preventative and regenerative medicine worldwide.  
  2. To help democratise medicine by teaching a patient-centred medical approach.  
  3. To introduce a health-centred therapeutic approach to allopathic medicine.  
  4. To teach medical doctors how to use bioregulatory methodologies both in curative treatment and in medically guided prevention.  
  5. To introduce medical protocol for stress-release into medical curricula.
  6. To establish Bioregulatory Medicine as a legitimate speciality in medical schools.
  7. To help increase health consciousness of the general public.
  8. To further develop research and teach the bioregulatory medical paradigm.
  9. To help raise foundations necessary for providing free bioregulatory treatments for the general public, available at point of need. 


If you are interested in supporting our mission, your feedback or donations will be highly appreciated - please  feel welcome to contact us here.