Campaign for Consciousness

"We have to be the change we wish to see. Unless we change individually, no one is going to change collectively." - Gandhi


BIO means life. Although it may sound like metaphysical speculation, life does seem to have its own agenda, specifications, and purpose. Health is a condition that provides the best manifestations of life. Since human life is expressed on physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental aspects - anyone’s life manifests best in a healthy body, mind, heart, soul, and a healthy world. 

Biomedic Foundation is dedicated to the research and contribution of all aspects of human health. Originated by two doctors who pioneered the concept of Bioregulatory Medicine, the foundation has a unique purpose and structure. It is founded upon the reality that consciousness in all its manifestations has a profound effect on both individual and collective health. And Campaign for Consciousness was born (C4C)

Early 20th-century quantum physics explained a remarkable discovery of how the intentions of researchers affect the outcome of the experiment. Since then, this quantum dictum has already become common knowledge in the scientific world, which has also emphasized the validity of the biblical euphemism ‘thinking is becoming’, proof that our intentions define our reality. 

The disease has historically been regarded as an outside force, an entity that makes us ill, something that must be fought against, and protected. A vast majority of people overlook that our immune system can and does keep us healthy most of the time, assuming it is not utterly undermined by stress, neglect, and other health disruptors.

Unhappiness, confusion, despair, suffering, and war create boundaries that separate our bodies and minds, separate us from each other, and from the world; raising boundaries that cause stress on the mind, in the body, and in the world. Stress and separation create further illness in the mind, body, and the world, which is when this entire 'system of suffering' becomes further reinforced by cyclical feedback processes. These feedback loops manifest both on individual and collective levels, like illnesses, diseases, wars, or acts of violence and terrorism. 

The process of consciousness expansion is a common denominator for both human health and the evolution of homo sapiens. The current stage of human evolution is taking a quantum leap towards a higher level of consciousness, a process that demands more proactive individual initiative towards personal and collective positive changes and growth. Being an open biological system, we should all choose to be healthy and whole, and for our world to be likewise – just like the very root of the word ‘health’ implies wholeness and holiness.

Any positive action towards community life, however small, benefits the health of an individual. Knowing that we are doing something beneficial to others, actively contributing something positive in a struggling world; is just as good for us, as it is for those who benefit from our action. On a larger scale, the more we do in response to the many problems of the modern world, the greater the critical mass of consciousness that leads to positive lasting change on our precious planet earth. In this fascinating biofeedback loop, the more positive change there is in the world, the greater the health of an individual; where our individual health and wellbeing is both a catalyst to and catalyzed by our collective reality and vice versa.

Look at the world with fresh eyes and an open heart, and remember that WE ARE ALL ONE.



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